Top 5 Trending Colors within Men’s Fashion

May 19, 2016

Top 5 Trending Colors within Men’s Fashion

Black, greys and blues; they’re the hues that most men stick to within their wardrobe. However, color has slowly started to become more prominent within menswear, and it’s about time that every man jumps on the bandwagon. Forget about wardrobes that drown out your individuality. Today, we’re talking about the top trending colors within men’s fashion that you need to try.


The good news is that if you’re unsure about this whole “color” thing, you can use accessories for men to slowly incorporate new hues into your look. This is an important step to take when evolving your wardrobe, because the key to looking good is feeling great. If you’re not confident in color, you never want to walk out into the streets decked out head-to-toe in a vibrant tone. Here are the top 5 trending colors you should certainly consider adding into your collection of men’s accessories.



Seaside Greens and Blues

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With the summer months right around the corner, it only makes sense for seaside greens and blues to become a trending color. However, it is quite surprising to see it within menswear because as mentioned, men’s fashion is so used to lacking individuality. This is essentially why the Zenger collection was created. So, take a dip into the sea within your wardrobe and pull off some green.


Not so Mellow Yellow

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I’ve always wondered why mellow and yellow are two words often associated with one another, because there’s nothing mellow about it. Yellow is such a vibrant and outrageous tone. It’s certainly not for the timid. This season, we’re not talking about soft, pale pastels either. This season of menswear is YELLOW – caps lock fully intended. So, if this hue is just too eccentric for you, add it into your wardrobe in small doses with some men’s bracelets.


Real Men Wear Pinky Orange

men's fashion, men's bracelets, accessories for men, fashion trends 

This color fashion trend isn’t pink, and it isn’t orange. It’s an eloquent blend of the two, which is great for men that don’t like either of them. Sometimes pink is simply too feminine for men, despite the old saying, “Real men wear pink!” On the other hand, orange is sometimes too outrageous and hard to pair into a dapper wardrobe. So, this tone is quite valuable in its own right when added into menswear. It also has the potential to bring you out of your dark and dreary closet, and show you what colors can truly do for your look.


Mauve is a Must

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Like the prior, you can’t really say this color is purple, nor can you say it’s gray. Mauve is certainly a combination of the two, with this season’s color trend learning more towards the gray aspects. So, if you’re seriously timid by tones, this can be an excellent way to start introducing new things into your wardrobe. It’s also a dapper alternative to other, boring neutrals.


Leather Brown

men's fashion, men's bracelets, accessories for men, fashion trends

Okay, to be fair, this is a neutral. It’s not necessarily a color, so why is it listed in the top 5 trending colors for menswear this season? Well, because it isn’t just brown. It has more of a sophisticated appeal due to its rich, deep hue. Trending browns for the season have subtle hints of maroon and red, and have a similar color to genuine brown leather. And in our books, that’s always a bonus.


Now that you know the top 5 trending colors for menswear this season, do you dare to show off your individuality? Remember, you don’t have to go crazy. Adding small elements of color into your wardrobe with men’s accessories can often say more than if you were to wear a seaside green suit. Shop Zenger today, and forbid the dark wardrobe!





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