4 Bad Bracelets Mankind Should Never Wear Again

November 10, 2016

4 Bad Bracelets Mankind Should Never Wear Again


It's about that time again; you know, to get rid of the ridiculously bad bracelets for men within your wardrobe. Just as like the vast selection of incredibly dapper bracelets for men, there are just as many bracelets that a sophisticated stylish man should never wear. While style is definitely up to the man himself, there are some wrist accessories that resonate an immature, childish appeal instead of a dapper one. So, to each their own. However, if you are the kind of man who wants to step up his A-game with some bracelets for men, these are the styles you’ll certainly want to avoid – and why.



Rubber Bracelets

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There was a time when rubber bracelets were a huge trend, and for many good reasons. After all, these bracelets often supported a good cause, charity or at the very least, allowed your bracelets to have meaning. These bracelets for men were more about the cause than they were the style. After all, a rubber band around your wrist is never going to increase the appeal of your wardrobe. But that’s why they were a huge trend. Rubber bracelets were great - for the cause, not the style. 

However, after the huge Lance Armstrong scandal, these bracelets quickly died out as Nike cut ties with the Livestrong brand. Plus, these bracelets have always been quite ugly; they’re rubber, need we say more? So, don’t rely on these wrist accessories for dapper and personalized style. That’s really not what they’re intended to do, and it’s a fad that has quickly faded.


Kabbalah Strings

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Yet another bracelet trend that should have never been a fashion trend are the kabbalah strings. The meaning is significant, and many celebrities donned these “bracelets” to support an anti-suicide message. There’s no denying this is great cause and message to wear, but it’s not an accessory for style.

Kabbalah strings are now a thing of the past, and that’s also not to mention that the authentic meaning of these bracelets has to do with the wearers’ faith. Hence why a lot of these red wool threads had an evil eye, hamsa hand or some other pendent attached to them. Beaded bracelets are a dapper and sophisticated alternative of these bracelets for men. The option for pendants is vast and the quality is much better than a piece of thread.


Silly Bandz

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Just look at the picture. Why... Why would it ever be okay for an adult to wear these bracelets? Mankind never fails to amaze us!

For starters, if a men’s bracelet brand has “silly” in the name or uses a Z to replace an S, chances are the styles are going to be quite childish. Despite these bracelets clearly being intended for children, many adults decided to wear some animal shaped rubber things on their wrist. It’s creepy, childish and far from sophisticated. In 5 years you'll look back and think, "What the ---- was I doing wearing silly bands bandz?" So, keep the children accessories for children. It’s a no brainer. 





Thick Leather Cuffs

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If you’re thinking “gothic” when you hear leather cuffs, you’re on the right path. Thick leather cuffs haven’t been a trend in years, and they’re often associated with a gothic appeal. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, there are tons of bracelets for men that have a dark, edgy, rocker appeal especially within the Macrame collection. If it’s the leather in these bracelets for men that entice you, there are also dapper leather bracelets that’ll make you look stylish instead of steampunk.

So, forget the massive leather cuffs especially if they’re accommodated with spikes. These bracelets for men are scary, not sophisticated. Shop the exotic leather bracelets at Zenger to keep some edginess within your accessories, only in a classy way.



Sea shells, spikes, strings – no way. Avoid these bracelets for men if you’re looking for an attractive, enticing, interesting and sophisticated appearance. Shop the Zenger collection and trade in the childish styles for classy accessories for men.


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