4 New Years Resolutions of a Dapper Man

To some, New Year’s resolutions are ridiculous. Many argue that you don’t need the year to turn one-digit older just to set and achieve your goals and this is certainly true. A sophisticated man never waits to get what he wants. However, a sophisticated man also knows to never turns down an opportunity to improve.  You’ve likely thought about the outcome of 2016 and how you can make 2017 even better. So, since the New Year has just begun, you might as well make some resolutions. Here are the goals every sophisticated, dapper man makes when going into the new year.



New year, new mindset

One of the most important things every sophisticated man knows is that change is inevitable. As men, change isn’t always something we’re all that comfortable with, but it really is inevitable. So, we can fight it with our entire being or accept it, embrace it and adapt ourselves, and our mindset. The latter is the approach we hope you’ve concluded to.

With the new year here, have a new mindset. Don’t settle for living a repeat of the last year, regardless of how great it may have been. Change your mind and perspective and the rest will follow en suit.

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Start wearing bracelets for men

A fairly easy new year’s resolutions to achieve in 2017 is to start wearing men’s bracelets. At first glance, this might seem incongruous. While other’s are making goals to change the world, yours is to wear men’s bracelets. We get it. It sounds a little ridiculous. 

But the thing is, wearing bracelets for men is more than just that. It’s not just about the style. It’s about transforming yourself into the kind of man you want to be in 2017.

Generic, boring men wear a shirt, pants, socks and shoes.  A dapper, sophisticated man strategically plans his outfit to ensure he stands out from the crowd. As a result, it’s the dapper man who always prevails.

Certainly, you can see why this new year’s resolution isn’t as ridiculous as it first seemed.

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Be taken seriously

In correlation with the prior, when you look like a dapper, sophisticated man, you are taken more seriously. Just think about it – if two men walk up to you offering the exact same advice, but one was dressed elegantly and the other looked like a plain guy, you would naturally trust the man who had dapper style. That’s not to say the plain guy wasn’t as smart as the other, but that’s just the way the world works. If a guy takes himself seriously, others will do the same.

So, dress the part. Wear fashion accessories for men so you can play the part of a dapper man and be taken seriously. It’s insane what a good appearance and a hefty dose of class and sophistication can do for getting what you want, which leads us into the last new year’s resolution that every dapper man needs to make.


Go after what you want

When you dress dapper, you feel better. You’re taken more seriously and everything seems to fall into place. So this goal for 2017 will – or at least should come rather naturally if you’re following all the prior. However, it’s always good to have on your list of goals just in case you have to work for it.



Take the world turning a year older to turn a year wiser and to turn a year into one that is more successful than the last. While some will argue that New Year’s resolutions are pointless, others know that the dapper man never discourages change and improvement. So, take control of 2017 today by shopping at Zenger and transforming yourself into the man who grabs life by the… well, you know.



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