4 Things To Know Before Wearing Rings for Men

When you’ve never worn rings for men before, you have no idea where to start. You’re not alone. Every guy who wears men’s rings has gone through the exact same awkward starting stage of, “What the heck do I do?” or rather, “How the heck do I wear this?” So, we’ve broken down how to wear rings for men into four easy steps.


Men’s Rings Rule No. 1: Going Solo is Safe

If you’re new to wearing men’s accessories, sliding a dapper ring onto every finger is probably going to take you way out of your element. So, start with a safe bet – the solo bet. Wearing one ring is a great way to start wearing men’s accessories. The look is subtle yet stylish; not too minimalistic that it won’t make a difference yet not too outrageous that it makes you feel uncomfortable.

This men’s ring rule goes beyond the aesthetics and dives deeper into your confidence. If you aren’t used to wearing men’s accessories, layering them on can make you feel self-conscious about every hand movement you make. So, start with one ring – a simple style like the France ring – and then move onto layering your men’s accessories once you’re used to the look.


Men’s Rings Rule No 2: It’s More About How Big Than How Many

One of the first things every man should know before laying his hands in some dapper styles is this – it’s more about how big your men’s rings are than it is about how many you’re wearing. But then again, wearing a ring on every finger probably isn’t the most dapper way to wear men’s accessories. To each their own!

However, if you want to wear men’s accessories to enhance your masculinity and dapper style, think about the size of each ring you’re intending to put on. If you have 5 men’s rings  on that look like the Heracles, it could throw your entire ensemble off balance. Pardon the pun.

As a rule of thumb, again with the damn puns, try to bring balance into your men’s accessories. If you’re wearing a large ring like the Heracles, consider using slimmer rings like the France ring to make the finished look more proportional.


Men’s Rings Rule No 3: Space It Out

If you’re going to be wearing several men’s rings, balance needs to go beyond the size. It’s important to also space your rings out – and no, not by wearing one ring on every other finger. That would look too planned.

Instead, toss a France ring on your middle finger and a Cage ring on the thumb of your other hand – or on the same hand, if you choose. Just never fill up every single finger and never clutter your rings together. You need your space.


Men’s Rings Rule No 4: Bring in the Bracelets and Necklaces

Now that you know how to wear men’s rings, you can start to combine them into your entire wardrobe. In other words, instead of wearing a ring with your outfit, you can start pairing your dapper rings with men’s necklaces and other types of men’s accessories. Easier said than done, right? After all, it wasn’t too long ago when men had nothing more than a wristwatch to accessorize with.

So, start by picking other men’s accessories that have a similar look, color or material. Pair your Ray ring with the Ren necklace, or the France ring with a Washington beaded necklace for men. All accessories mentioned have the same metal and are slim in style.

Another example is if you’re wearing the Heracles, you might want to pair that with the Dylan dog tag necklace, as it’s also big and macho. Or, you can bring it balance by pairing it with shorter, slimmer style of necklace.

Whatever you do, just try to find something that matches your men’s ring with the other men’s accessories you’ll be wearing – color, texture, structure, shape, style – whatever. Just have something that matches or that adds balance.


Four ring rules and you’re already a dapper man. Shop Zenger today for all your men’s accessories… Now that you know how to wear them.

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