5 Reasons Why You Need Unisex Bracelets in your Wardrobe

Forget about men’s bracelets and women’s bracelet because it’s all about unisex accessories designed for everyone. While we don’t have a unisex collection per se, you’ll see that a lot of our luxury bracelets and accessories are styled for men and women from all walks of life. Some are more feminine, others are more masculine but none of them have restrictions on who can wear them. So, it’s time to time to indulge and here’s why you should!


Gender-neutral is what’s up

If there’s anything trending right now, it’s gender-neutral-everything. Gone are the days when men have to wear blue and women have to wear pink. Times are changing right before our eyes and “men’s accessories” and “women’s accessories” are quickly unisex accessories, unisex bracelets, gender-neutral, luxury bracelets, benefits of unisexbecoming one. So, it’s an excellent time to start embracing acceptance and equality for all, and unisex bracelets do just that.

You can embrace your individuality

Unisex bracelets allow you to embrace your individuality. Despite having a women’s and men’s sections on Zenger, we encourage everyone to shop whatever category caters to their originality. If you’re a man who wears pink, shop the luxury bracelets in the women’s section. If you’re a woman who likes edgier, masculine accessories, shop the men’s collection of luxury accessories. We want you to embrace your individuality and unisex bracelets allow you to do just that.   

Unisex means versatility for your wardrobe

Despite the gender-neutral shift, there are some styles of luxury accessories that are seen as “more unisex” than others. These are the bracelets designed with basic colors – blacks, browns, silvers and golds. They aren’t too feminine nor are they too masculine. Instead, they’re the perfect medium. This is a huge benefit because the more neutral the tones, the more versatile the accessory. So, with unisex bracelets, you can add them into every outfit. You’ll never have to worry about not having the right accessories to complete your outfit.

You can get your girlfriend to stop stealing your sweaters

This benefit of unisex bracelets is more so for the ladies, as we all know they like to “steal” their boyfriend’s hoodies, bracelets and other types of jewelry. However, it can unisex accessories, unisex bracelets, gender-neutral, luxury bracelets, benefits of unisexalso be a huge benefit for men for the same reason. With unisex bracelets, you can finally get your girlfriend to stop hoarding your favorite sweaters. Just give them one of your luxury bracelets to wear instead.

They’re a sophisticated version of relationship jewelry

There comes a certain time in life when wearing cheap friendship or boyfriend/girlfriend bracelets are no longer fit your personal style. But you love your relationships and still want to keep them close to you - literally - and unisex bracelets allow you to do just that.

Gender neutral bracelets are a unique way to have the same thing as your friends or partner – and they’re much more presentable than wearing matching couple outfits.  So, share a sophisticated connection within your attire and you’ll both be reminded of one another every time you look at your bracelets.


To be fair, everything can be considered “unisex” if you want it to be. Men can wear purple bracelets, women can wear blue bracelets, men can wear pink beaded bracelets, and women can wear exotic leather bracelets. There are no limits on Zenger and we want you to explore the horizon and take your style to the next level by enjoying these benefits of unisex bracelets.

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