5 Styles of Dapper Necklaces Every Man Can Pull Off


Necklaces are one thing every man can pull off. They’re simply, don’t require any extra effort and it’s quite impossible to make them look bad. Well, that is, unless you’re wearing a bunch of different necklaces, all at the same length and with no collaboration in style. Otherwise, necklaces are a pretty safe bet when it comes to adding some dapper elements into your wardrobe.

Not convinced? Check out these five necklaces for men and you’ll quickly see that they can be added into all kinds of men’s style – from monkey suits to track suits and beyond.


The Washington Black Beaded Necklace for Men

The Washington necklace for men is definitely the easiest accessory to add into your dapper wardrobe. We mentioned the black agate matte style specifically because it’s timeless and versatile – you can wear anything with it.

However, the red tiger’s eye, yellow tiger’s eye and white howlite are definitely worth adding into your style as well because they take your dapper A-game to the next level. Black is effortless – everyone can pull it off; the other colors are also effortless but wearing them shows that you’ve put some thought into your outfit – even if you didn’t.


The Dai Necklaces for Men

Speaking of beaded necklaces for men, the Dai collection of dapper accessories is just as easy to add into your wardrobe. These necklaces are very similar to the Washington necklaces, only they incorporate lapis lazuli beads to add a bit more individuality. So, similar to the other colors offered in the Washington, the Dai is a great way to look like you put a lot of time and effort into your outfit, without doing anything extra at all.  


The Dae is like the Dai, Only Upgraded

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Alright, we couldn’t mention those two dapper necklaces for men and then leave out the Dae. As you can see, it adds a bit more style into the classic beaded necklace. It’s similar to the Dai but instead of just having a couple lapis lazuli beads, these necklaces change up the tones as well. This is actually a huge benefit, as it allows the necklace to match with even more colors. So, it’s timeless and limitless, and anyone can pull it off.


The Ren is Ideal for V-Neck Tees

Let’s move on from the beaded necklaces for men because you get it – the timeless style makes it easy for any man to pull off the look. The Ren is a unique necklace for men that combines the elements you like from the previous necklaces and adds a hefty dose of dapper and edge. The matte onyx beads are paired with stainless steel which then drops down into a line where you’ll find a simple pendant. Due to the unique design of this dapper necklace, the Ren is perfect for V-neck tees and can take a casual look to the next level. However, it can also be just as easily paired with a dress shirt.


The Phurba is Timeless with a Twist

If you liked the previous necklaces for men, you’ll definitely like the Phurba as well – and it’s just as easy to add into your wardrobe as all the rest. Instead of drooping down like the Ren necklace, this dapper style uses a long stainless steel pendant to give a similar effect, sans the extra beads. It’s a very simple style yet exceptionally dapper, making it a must have for any man looking to take his wardrobe from dude to dapper.


Men’s accessories can be intimidated but when you have timeless, dapper necklaces like these, upgrading your A-game can be as simple as tossing on one of these styles. Shop Zenger today for all your dapper accessories for men.  


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