How to Wear Men's Fashion Jewelry in 2016?

March 03, 2016

How to Wear Men's Fashion Jewelry in 2016?


When it comes to men's fashion, it's all about the accessories. The selection of clothes if fairly basic - tees, jeans and kicks. So, fashion jewelry can add a bit more style and personality into a look that can make you stand out from the crowd - and get the ladies staring. Zenger has gathered the best 2016 jewelry trends for men, and all of it can be found in our awesome collections. So, for the guys that want to look dapper and edgy, this year's trends are for you. 



  1. The industrial look

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The idea of wearing industrial-inspired jewelry is perfect for men's fashion, and it's stylish enough for the ladies as well.  Since men's fashion is typically built off of basics, adding some bold stainless steel pieces can change your look from dull to dapper. Not all men love the diamonds and sparkle look, and solid steel bracelets keep your look masculine yet on point. The Genuine Python bracelet is amazing for achieving that industrial look, as it incorporates several different shapes of steel that are super industrial-worthy.  The leather bracelet collection is pretty wicked for this trend too. 


  1. Layer in leather

There's no denying that leather is a masculine material, and the jewelry trends for 2016 is all about it. For the men's fashion that is more edgy than pretty, leather bracelets are the perfect fashion jewelry. They're daring yet dapper, and can take even the most boring outfits and change them up completely. Pair some leather bracelets with a v-neck, jeans and nice kicks, and you'll be taking men's fashion to the next level. 


  1. Beads are for the bold

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Beaded bracelets are definitely in the running for men's fashion. They’ve masculine and high fashion, yet simple and effortless. You can also wear them however you want. Layer them up, wear them solo, mix them up, add some dapper elements, add some edge – whatever you want, beaded bracelets are a must for men's fashion this year. Zenger because the collection is endless.


  1. Forget about matching

Men generally don't tend to be the best at matching colors or just don't care to invest a ton of time into picking out an outfit. So, this 2016 jewelry trend is definitely in our favor. You can get ready for the club with the boys or a dinner date with the lady in a matter of seconds. The 2016 jewelry trends are all about creating your own look with individual pieces that make an impact simply by not matching. You can officially wear all of your favorite bracelets from Zenger, even if they are polar opposites.


  1. Snakeskin for the wild

Animal print is usually left for the ladies, but not this year. Men's fashion trends have found a way to rock animal print with edge and dapper style. Snakeskin bracelets are an epic fashion trend that are perfect for men. They're not too flashy and shiny, and can complete your look with an effortless appeal, which is always key. 







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