Dapper Style Guide 101: The Basics on Wearing Rings for Men

Rings for men aren’t something the average man is used to but let’s get serious here, you aren’t an average man. You’re a stylish man who enjoys the finer, far-from-mediocre things in life. You have an appreciation for the term ‘dapper’ and refuse to shop at generic brand name stores for fear of looking like everyone else. You know who you are, you know what you want and you know rings for men present another opportunity for you to separate yourself from the clones of the world.

But you likely have no idea what to do when it comes to ring-wearing etiquette. After all, it’s a completely new fashion trend for men.  So, we’ve created this style guide on wearing rings for men to help you make a dapper statement with your accessories.


The Left Hand or Right Hand Debate for Men’s Rings

One of the first things every man should know before diving into wearing rings for men is the left hand/right hand debate. With the exception of engagement and wedding rings, there are few cultural traditions or guidelines when it comes to what hand to wear rings on. In other words, anything goes.

However, there’s nothing that’ll send ladies running in the opposite direction like a wedding band will! So, if you’re single and trying to meet someone new, you’ll want to avoid wearing a ring on your ring finger (second from the left) on your left hand.


The Thing about the Pinky Ring

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The thing about the pinky ring is that there’s really nothing to fear.  In fact, this can be an excellent way to start wearing men’s rings, as it subtly introduces your wardrobe to this type of accessory for men without being too loud and flashy.

Pinky rings are also great for men who want to wear a statement ring and nothing else. All men’s rings styles work on this finger as well, meaning it’s close to impossible to mess this look up.

What men’s ring to wear?

The France men’s ring would be a great pinky ring. It’s sleek and simple which is needed to ensure your pinky ring doesn’t interfere with your comfort and movement of your other fingers.


The Middle Finger is Masculine

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Well, if you really want to make a statement, the middle finger is the way to go. It's the one finger that is known for being the boldest, as it’s also the largest. The middle finger is also a little rough around the edges – if you know what we mean.

As such, it’s a great finger to wear men’s rings on as it does all the talking for you, without saying a word. The boldest type of men often wear their rings on the middle finger. It’s masculine, a little edgy, slightly “in your face”, yet sophisticated when done with the right styles.

What men’s ring to wear?

For the middle finger, you want to wear men’s rings that are just as bold as is your attitude and dapper style. The Cage ring is a great option as it’s a statement piece with a width that’s proportional to your middle finger. 

Go Big or Go Home on the Index Finger

Rings for men, how to wear rings, men’s rings, dapper, sophisticated,

Wearing men’s rings on the index finger is a little tricky, as it’s the finger you use the most. However, that also means that it’s the perfect finger for showcasing your status, class, dominance, etc. which is why it’s often the finger used for class rings and family crests.

What men’s ring to wear?

If you don’t have a class ring or family memorabilia to decorate your index finger with, the Heracles ring is a great choice. It has a similar style and structure, so it’ll fit just right.


Rings for men are a sophisticated way to show off a subtle dose of dapper style. Shop the new Zenger collection of men’s rings today.


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