Secrets to Pulling off a Zenger Worthy IG Shot


It only takes a few seconds on our Zenger Instagram to see that we love sharing our customers’ wrist accessories. You guys are always coming up with new and creative ways to rock our dapper bracelets for men, wristwatches, necklaces and basically our entire collection of men’s accessories. So, needless to say, you rock.

If you’ve yet to see your sophisticated style float up on our Instagram feed, have no fear. Here are some tricks of the trade that will upgrade your sophisticated style, and that will also give your personal Instagram the chance to appear on our feed.



Take it from the Top

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The secret to capturing a manly, sophisticated and dapper shot of your wrist accessories is to take it from the top. Reach your camera up as far as possible, and snap your style. The trick is to make sure the finished result focuses on your accessories, instead of your shoes way at the bottom of the picture. So, you may want to hold your wrist out in front of you, use a self-timer or a DSLR camera instead of your smartphone.

This type of Instagram fashion photo will likely capture more than just your wrist as well. In other words, there’s no sense in showing off your collection of exotic leather bracelets for men if you have dirty jeans on. So you want to place importance on your entire look, which leads up into the next Instagram tip.


Show off your Sophisticated Style

Bracelets for men, mens accessories, instagram, fashion for men,

Accessories for men are huge components to your overall dapper ensemble. They show off your unique creativity, style, personality and character in a way no other piece of fashion for men really can. While the accessories take center stage, even the smallest hole in your sock that you can hardly see matters. So, think about the picture as a whole before you post it.

The whole idea of sharing a photo of your fashion on your Instagram page is to showcase your sophistication, and a hole-ridden sock, stained jeans or muddy shoes just won’t do justice for your social media, and that's not even mentioning your look.



Narrow in on the Details

Bracelets for men, mens accessories, instagram, fashion for men,

When it comes to fashion accessories for men, it’s all in the details. After all, these small pieces of style have the ability to make a huge statement. So, narrow in on the unique characteristics that make your bracelets, wristwatch and other accessories dapper. Focus your camera lens in on your wrist, or use the grid-feature on your smartphone to ensure that your collection of men’s bracelets takes the limelight. Once your wrist is in frame, take a look at the screen before you take the shot.

Your brand new Zenger wristwatch may be straight on, but your bracelets for men could be dangling to the side, overlapping one another or may be spaced sporadically. So, straighten them out, put a finger space between each, or line them up with no space separating the different styles in order to get the perfect picture. The way your wrist accessories are placed is just as important as the way they look. 


Showcase a Dapper Background

Bracelets for men, mens accessories, instagram, fashion for men,

Finally, you need to have a great background. Buying Zenger bracelets for men is like buying a ticket into the dapper world of sophisticated style. You’re far from mediocre; you’re a brand of man yourself, and no where close to being similar to the typical. So, your Instagram photo backgrounds should display this. Think about the unique ways you use your arm throughout the day, or how you can captivate the essence of your fashion and lifestyle. If you wear a suit regularly, take a shot of your hand tucked in your dapper style, or if you drive a fancy car, grab the steering wheel and take your accessories for men (and Instagram followers) for a ride. The background can say a lot, so never underestimate it’s power.



Lastly, hashtag like you’ve never hashtagged before. #Zenger is all you need to capture our attention. Of course, following our Zenger Instagram page and enjoying the new promos we highlight on our profile is always a bonus as well.




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