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  • 5 Styles of Dapper Necklaces Every Man Can Pull Off

    0 comments / Posted on by Chantal McCulligh


    Necklaces are one thing every man can pull off. They’re simply, don’t require any extra effort and it’s quite impossible to make them look bad. Well, that is, unless you’re wearing a bunch of different necklaces, all at the same length and with no collaboration in style. Otherwise, necklaces are a pretty safe bet when it comes to adding some dapper elements into your wardrobe.

    Not convinced? Check out these five necklaces for men and you’ll quickly see that they can be added into all kinds of men’s style – from monkey suits to track suits and beyond.


    The Washington Black Beaded Necklace for Men

    The Washington necklace for men is definitely the easiest accessory to add into your dapper wardrobe. We mentioned the black agate matte style specifically because it’s timeless and versatile – you can wear anything with it.

    However, the red tiger’s eye, yellow tiger’s eye and white howlite are definitely worth adding into your style as well because they take your dapper A-game to the next level. Black is effortless – everyone can pull it off; the other colors are also effortless but wearing them shows that you’ve put some thought into your outfit – even if you didn’t.


    The Dai Necklaces for Men

    Speaking of beaded necklaces for men, the Dai collection of dapper accessories is just as easy to add into your wardrobe. These necklaces are very similar to the Washington necklaces, only they incorporate lapis lazuli beads to add a bit more individuality. So, similar to the other colors offered in the Washington, the Dai is a great way to look like you put a lot of time and effort into your outfit, without doing anything extra at all.  


    The Dae is like the Dai, Only Upgraded

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    Alright, we couldn’t mention those two dapper necklaces for men and then leave out the Dae. As you can see, it adds a bit more style into the classic beaded necklace. It’s similar to the Dai but instead of just having a couple lapis lazuli beads, these necklaces change up the tones as well. This is actually a huge benefit, as it allows the necklace to match with even more colors. So, it’s timeless and limitless, and anyone can pull it off.


    The Ren is Ideal for V-Neck Tees

    Let’s move on from the beaded necklaces for men because you get it – the timeless style makes it easy for any man to pull off the look. The Ren is a unique necklace for men that combines the elements you like from the previous necklaces and adds a hefty dose of dapper and edge. The matte onyx beads are paired with stainless steel which then drops down into a line where you’ll find a simple pendant. Due to the unique design of this dapper necklace, the Ren is perfect for V-neck tees and can take a casual look to the next level. However, it can also be just as easily paired with a dress shirt.


    The Phurba is Timeless with a Twist

    If you liked the previous necklaces for men, you’ll definitely like the Phurba as well – and it’s just as easy to add into your wardrobe as all the rest. Instead of drooping down like the Ren necklace, this dapper style uses a long stainless steel pendant to give a similar effect, sans the extra beads. It’s a very simple style yet exceptionally dapper, making it a must have for any man looking to take his wardrobe from dude to dapper.


    Men’s accessories can be intimidated but when you have timeless, dapper necklaces like these, upgrading your A-game can be as simple as tossing on one of these styles. Shop Zenger today for all your dapper accessories for men.  


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  • How to Layer Necklaces like a Pro: For Men

    0 comments / Posted on by Chantal McCulligh

    Unlike women, necklaces aren’t something us men naturally know how to wear. We can throw on the new Washington beaded necklace for men but do we really know what we’re doing? For most of us, no. But that’s why you have guys like me. Dapper style is my expertise and today, I’ll be teaching you guys how to layer necklaces like a pro.


    Step One: Find Different Lengths

    The first step to layering necklaces like a pro for men is to find different lengths. Sure; you never take off your dog tag necklace but if your other necklaces are the same length, you might want to reconsider that. Otherwise, you’ll want to stay away from necklaces for men that are the same length as your dog tag.

    It’s insanely important to avoid wearing several men’s necklaces that are the same length. In fact, it’s the key to looking dapper and masculine. Otherwise, your accessories will just look messy and your entire outfit will appear sloppy.

    So, step no. 1 – different lengths; always different lengths. 


    Step Two: Matching

    I know, I know, matching is not a man’s forte, especially when it comes to colors. After all, the majority of us are apparently colorblind. However, with that said, all the more reason to actually pay attention to what men’s accessories you wear.

    There are a couple of ways you can go about this. You can match the colors blues with blues, blacks with blacks – simple stuff, you can match the overall theme of your necklaces or you can avoid matching altogether. Confusing stuff, right?

    Matching The Same Color

    Let’s start with the first one, as it’s the easy. If you want to learn how to layer necklaces like a pro, start with the same colors.  Pair your silver necklaces with silver pendant necklaces; your black necklaces with a black beaded necklace, and so on and so forth.

    Matching the Theme

    The second way to layer men’s necklaces like a pro is to match the overall theme. Despite sounding really complicated, this method is actually much easier than you think. Just take a look at the men’s necklace collection on Zenger. Pretty much all of the necklaces can be paired together, assuming they’re different lengths.

    However, not all stores are created equally. So, this is a styling tip for men that you want to remember when pairing with other types of necklaces. If you’re wearing the Gavreel religious necklace for men, you probably wouldn’t want to pair it with some satanic style from somewhere else. Common sense, right?


    Step Three: Matching the Aesthetics and Quality

    This is where layering men’s necklaces gets a little tricky. Matching the style and quality of necklaces takes a little more attention to detail than the other steps. So, if you’re trying to focus on appearing more dapper than dude, this is for you.  After all, a cheap chain necklace paired with a dapper Zenger necklace can just destroy your entire look; a beachy shell-necklace isn’t going to match the style of a dapper men’s necklace either. I’m sure you get the point.  Stick with dapper necklaces well throughout your look. 


    Whatever length of necklaces you’re wearing, whatever the style, it’s key to make sure that, when combined, the finish look ties… Without actually tying together. So, stick with different lengths, match the color, theme or not at all, and always match the style and quality of your men’s necklaces.

    Either stick with dapper necklaces for men from Zenger or some cheap styles found at some random corner store. When trying to pair necklaces like a pro, the two should never be combined.


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  • The Power of Men’s Accessories Demands Respect

    0 comments / Posted on by Chantal McCulligh


    As you take a stroll down the city streets, you’ll see one common thing worn by the most dapper, successful men -  accessories. From businessmen to famous actors, entrepreneurs, musicians and more, men's accessories are never missing. Beaded necklaces, cross necklaces, dog tags, chains, bracelets, wristwatches – you name it – accessories are always there. You find yourself wondering, What is this mens style trend youve clearly missed the memo on?

    Truthfully, there’s no smoke and magic. What you see is what you get – accessories for men are accessories for men. However, the reason you’re seeing the most stylish and successful men wearing them is what counts.

    Men’s necklaces, necklaces for men, men’s style, dapper, how to wear necklaces, men’s accessories

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the men’s fashion industry has always fallen short. In fact, men’s fashion can easily be categorized with one hand – you have the jock who wears jeans, tees and ball caps; the businessman who wears dress pants and a dress shirt; the serious businessman who wears a suit; the beach guy who wears shorts and a shirt – and that pretty much sums it up.

    Men have the option of wearing jeans, trousers, tees, dress shirts and shorts – all of which have a generic, simple style that looks like everything else within their wardrobe. If you were successful enough, you could showcase your status and separate yourself from the crowd with a wristwatch… But then smartphones came out. So, again, the men’s fashion industry was back to looking like everyone else.

    Fortunately, that has all changed. Men’s accessories are no longer restricted to grunge or rocker styles, nor do you have to choose between looking generic or wearing Chad-from-Nickelback-type of men’s jewelry. The industry finally has options, thanks to high quality, dapper accessories.  

    Now, you may be wondering if you even need to indulge in men’s accessories. After all, you’ve done just fine without. But don’t be mistaken. The power that comes from wearing men’s accessories goes far beyond the aesthetics.  

     Men’s necklaces, necklaces for men, men’s style, dapper, how to wear necklaces, men’s accessories

    Men’s Accessories Separate You from the Crowd

    Since the clothing portion of men’s fashion is still limited, men’s accessories are the one way you can separate yourself from the crowd. Just think – you see two men wearing jeans and a v-neck tee but one of them is wearing a necklace, dapper wristwatch and beaded bracelets. You’re more likely to pay attention to the person who has added some accessories into their look. This can be exceptionally beneficial for landing a job, a date – you name it.


    Men’s Accessories Showcase your Individuality

    With the prior mentioned, men’s accessories also allow you to put your own personality into your outfits. Necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches and belts let you dress in a way that represents who you are as a man.


    Men’s Accessories Create Style That Demands Respect

    It’s a no-brainer; men’s accessories give off a look that demands respect. You don’t appear to be just an average Joe, so you aren’t treated as such either. People will take you more seriously when you take yourself (and style) more seriously.


    Lastly, men’s accessories are dapper. There’s no other way to say it. You look better, you feel better and the rest of the world follows en suite. So, to you, they may just be accessories as of right now but as soon as you start styling them into your looks, you’ll experience a significant difference.

    So, shop Zenger today for all your dapper men’s accessories - from wristwatches to beaded bracelets, necklaces and more.



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