The Must Haves For The Man Who Loves Watches

November 17, 2016

The Must Haves For The Man Who Loves Watches


You're probably wondering what purpose a watch has in the digital age of today. After all, who needs a watch when you have an iPhone? Well, that’s the mentality of a man who doesn’t know the difference between practicality and practical sophisticated style. Smartphones are great for everything, including telling time, but they’re not as pragmatic as you may think. Chances are you know the struggle of reaching deep into your pocket every time someone asks you for the time. It’s much easier to just look at your wrist. Plus, doing so is an excellent way to show off your sophistication – especially if the person asking for the time is a complete babe.

So, although technology rules the world, a wristwatch still holds practicality and prominence that you simply can’t get from a device hidden in your jeans. For the man who loves a good wristwatch, and who understands the importance and power that dapper watches have, this one’s for you. Here are all the must have accessories you need for your classy selection of wrist accessories.


The More the Merrier

Wristwatch, watches for men, watch organizer, watchstrap

A man who loves a good wristwatch knows the importance of having more than just one. Watches for men are more than just watches. They’re a way to personalize your outfit, showcase your sense of style and of course, tell time. Even if you wear a monkey suit every day, you probably change up your tie or dress shirt on a regular basis to switch up your sophisticated appeal.

Well, the same can be said about watches for men. While everyone should have a go-to style, one that can be worn with everything, it’s just as important to have a selection of unique watches to pull off and change up your dapper appeal. But wristwatch-wearers beware. It's never okay to wear more than one wristwatch at a time, despite what Justin Bieber dons. Then again, who takes fashion advice for men from the Biebs. 

So, shop our new collection of watches for men and increase your sophistication and style.



A Simple Switch of a Strap

Wristwatch, watches for men, watch organizer, watch strap

Purchasing a ton of new watches isn’t always a feasible solution for those wanting a dapper wardrobe. Money doesn’t grow on trees, although we all certainly wish it did. Fortunately, there’s an excellent solution. There are just as many unique watch straps as there are sophisticated watches for men. Some are quick release watches, and can be swapped out within seconds, whereas others require a little more tedious action.

However, having the ability to switch your watch strap is a huge and affordable bonus. There’s nothing more damaging to your sophisticated appeal than a scuffed up watch strap. Plus, it can instantly change up the style. So instead of replacing the entire watch, just swap out the strap for a new one. Instantly, you have a brand new watch, look and style for a much lower price. So, keep some extra straps around to ensure a clean cuff, classy look whenever you want to change it up or need to do so, even if it's at the last minute.


Proper Care and Organization

Wristwatch, watches for men, watch organizer, watch strap

If you’re spending the time and money to find sophisticated watches for men, chances are you intend on having them for a long time. After all, you could just as easily dish out $10 at the local department store if you just wanted a watch, and one that needs to be replaced quite regularly.

While a dapper wristwatch may cost more, the durability and quality is worth it, but you still need to take care of it properly. A watch organizer is crucial for the man who has more than one style. It keeps your wristwatches clean and free of dust, debris, scratches, scuffs – you name it. So, don’t lay your watch down on the countertop. If you spent the money on a sophisticated style, take the time to make sure its appearance stays that way with a genuine leather watch organizer. Yes, the quality of your organizer plays a huge role in the protection it provides your wristwatches. 


By now, you know that your watch isn’t just for telling time.We have recently launched a new collection of watches for men, and they’re just as sophisticated as our vast collection of bracelets for men. But as always, our collection goes above and beyond and we offer all the wristwatch accessories you need to complete your dapper appeal. Shop today, and take your sophistication to the next level.



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Size Guide
You can use a measuring tape to measure your wrist. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your ZENGER bracelet. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 0.50 inch. You can then add or subtract according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit. Below is a picture on how to measure your wrist. 
Size Chart
Size Inches Centimeters
XS 6.5"  in 16.51 cm
S 7" in 17.78 cm
M 7.5" in 19.05 cm
L 8" in 20.32 cm
XL 8.5" in 21.59 cm
XXL 9" in 22.86 cm