Trade out Bad Bracelets for These Dapper Styles

November 25, 2016

Trade out Bad Bracelets for These Dapper Styles


Not all bracelets are created equally. With the wrong choice, you can easily send your dapper ensemble into a tailspin of dirty, dry, dreary style. Unfortunately, there are just as many bad bracelets for men out there as there is badass bracelet styles. If you’re not a shopper (as most of us men aren’t), finding fashion accessories to revitalize your style can seem impossible. After all, you’re not a pro and all bracelets for men do the same thing. Wrong.

Choosing the perfect wrist accessories for men can mean the difference between looking like all the D-words you never want to be called and looking completely dapper. So trade out those bad bracelets for sophisticated styles that will put your personality and looks in the best light. 

Trade in Plastic for Macrame Bracelets

There’s nothing good that can be said about plastic bracelets. They’re cheap, tacky and the poor quality won’t do anything for your sophisticated look. However, you probably like them because they’re casual and can be worn with every kind of outfit you pull together from your wardrobe.

There are plenty of quality and dapper styles of bracelets for men that can be worn casually, and that don’t emit the appearance of being cheap. Beaded bracelets from the Macrame line are a popular favorite for men looking for casual fashion accessories, and these kinds of bracelets aren’t restricted to only casual outfits either, whereas plastic bracelets are.   Bracelets for men, fashion accessories, men’s style

Trade in Leather Cuffs for Exotic Leather Bands

Massive leather cuffs have been a thing of the past for a long time – and that’s not even mentioning the styles that have metal studs on them either. These bracelets are reckless, worn and sometimes even emit a dirty appearance. However, a lot of men like them because they offer a kind of masculinity that isn’t always found in men’s style and accessories.

The good news is, you can still get the same level of manliness within your wardrobe without looking like a dated rocker who performs for crowds in his dusty garage. It’s all about the exotic leather bracelets for men. These styles are masculine, and edgy with an added dose of elegance. That’s also not to mention that they’re trendy, whereas the leather cuffs haven’t been a “thing” for several decades.


Trade in the Bling for Beaded Bracelets

Men tend to go with bling to represent their success and importance. However, unless you’re channelling your inner Kanye West, bling is bad. It often represents the appearance of a show-off, snob or gangster instead of a reputable, successful and classy man. Sure, you want to show off your rich and lavish style with diamonds, chains, ice and whatever elseBracelets for men, fashion accessories, men’s style people call it, but there’s a better option. Beaded Bracelets are the new “bling” of today. Men accessory lines such as the Shamballa collection offer the right-kind-of-shine without being overwhelming. The beaded elements also help to keep your wardrobe humbled, instead of looking all macho and Head-Honcho. Think Jay Z instead of Kanye or Obama instead of Trump.


The types of bracelets for men you choose can say a lot about who you are as an individual. They can say you’re cheap or sophisticated, a leader or a power-hungry ruler, are arrogant or success, are mediocre or a man - the list goes on. While men’s accessories are small, they have the strength to make a statement that can make a difference in your wardrobe and lifestyle. Shop Zenger today and upgrade your world to the dapper side of style.


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Size Guide
You can use a measuring tape to measure your wrist. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your ZENGER bracelet. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 0.50 inch. You can then add or subtract according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit. Below is a picture on how to measure your wrist. 
Size Chart
Size Inches Centimeters
XS 6.5"  in 16.51 cm
S 7" in 17.78 cm
M 7.5" in 19.05 cm
L 8" in 20.32 cm
XL 8.5" in 21.59 cm
XXL 9" in 22.86 cm