Turning Bracelets into Luxury Wrist Fashion

April 29, 2017

Turning Bracelets into Luxury Wrist Fashion

Anyone can slip their wrist into some bracelets but not everyone can turn their bracelets into luxury wrist fashion. This is a new modern day trend that has truly changed the way people, both men and women, wear accessories. Fashionistas no longer wear luxurious bracelets to get premium style. Instead, they stage all kinds of bracelets on their wrist to create the ultimate look. While it may be a weird trend, you can’t deny how desirable the final result is!



Start with a Statement Wristwatch

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While watches may seem like a thing of the past, they’ve come back with a vengeance. Fashion bloggers and stylists across the globe are shopping luxury watches and incorporating them into the perfect look. In fact, wrist watches are the best place to start your newfound appreciate for wrist fashion. So, if you don’t have any or if the watches you do have are dated, worn or weathered, it’s time to start shopping.

The perfect way to take advantage of using a watch to start your style guide is to find a statement piece. Shop luxury watches that can be worn with a vast array of ensembles and accessories. Then, build off of it.


Focus in on the Details

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In order to create optimal wrist fashion, you have to focus in on the details. Look at your watch and notice the things that make it unique. Maybe it has a colored hand or face, a unique texture or tone, or a contrasting shade. Whatever it is, find it because that’s what’s going to steer your style guide in the right direction.

For example, if you were to wear the Manhattan Steel Square Watch, you’d notice the bold black elements (obviously) and the silver stainless steel. You can then select bracelets that have the same accents. However, if you look just a little deeper, you’ll also see that one of the hands is blue, which can be used to transform your accessories into the epitome of wrist fashion. In this case, we would wear the watch with black and/or silver bracelets, as well as one that has a spark of blue.


Shift, Push, Space, and Stage

style guide, wrist fashion, bracelets, accessories, luxury

As mentioned previously, wrist fashion isn’t about wearing accessories. Instead, it’s all about staging them. Wrist accessories are just as much of an art form today as they are a sense of style. So, once you’ve layered on your accessories, move them to perfection. This often takes some shifting, pushing, and spacing but it makes a huge impact on the finished look.


Up Your Sleeve

style guide, wrist fashion, bracelets, accessories, luxury

While it’s easy to think wrist fashion only has to do with wristwatches and bracelets, don’t be mistaken. What you’re wearing has everything to do with it. After all, if your sleeve is all wrinkled and stained, it’ll never represent the appeal you want regardless of how many luxury bracelets you layer on. So, always pay attention to your sleeve. Cuff, steam, iron, button, unbutton – whatever you do, just make sure it aligns with your accessories.


Once you have the look down pat, put your smartphone way up high and snap a photo! Don’t forget to take #shopzenger so we can feature your incredible wrist fashion. If you need some inspiration, our Instagram feed is full of the perfect pieces of wrist fashion. With a quick swipe, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about when we say that wrist fashion is art!  

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Size Guide
You can use a measuring tape to measure your wrist. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your ZENGER bracelet. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 0.50 inch. You can then add or subtract according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit. Below is a picture on how to measure your wrist. 
Size Chart
Size Inches Centimeters
XS 6.5"  in 16.51 cm
S 7" in 17.78 cm
M 7.5" in 19.05 cm
L 8" in 20.32 cm
XL 8.5" in 21.59 cm
XXL 9" in 22.86 cm