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Unique New York Style Bracelets, Watches & Accessories


Within minutes of arriving to New York, you will notice that the streets are filled with idiosyncrasies - eclectic personalities, combined with an endless array of lifestyles, capped off with that undeniable New York attitude. The goal of Zenger Jeweler is to not only bring those components together, but to do so with a line of unique jewelry, necklaces, watches and accessories that can be procured by anyone in search of that New York flavor.

Boutique Jewelry Online, Respected NY Street Fashions

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Zenger is now here to serve the world with a line of distinct jewelry and watches that possess a sense of effortless elegance, but also poised attitude. Accessories that say “Nice to meet you,” but also “you're welcome that you got to meet me.” There are a million online fashion boutiques that sell jewelry and watches. So what sets Zenger apart? We possess NYC conviction – an undeniable character that tells the story of the people in the city. We are more than a brand, rather a lifestyle that promotes power, style and a statement for everyone. Our pieces speak to a wide range of personas – from the business man on Wall Street, to the artist setting up shop, to the urban adventurers & even the subway kid busking on the sidewalk. Together, we are united and represent the energy of this city.

How Do We Choose Our Jewelry?

Our staff goes through a rigorous process of selecting new brands to offer our clients. We must ensure that each collection offers the utmost style, craftsmanship and individuality. Coming out of New York, we know, understand and respect fashion. If you're not receiving the highest quality of taste and design, then we're not doing our job. And we simply cannot have that.

Detail-Oriented, Yet Durable Design

Within the collections at Zenger, the devil is all within the details. By gathering fine materials from the far corners of the world, we are able to bring you a line of accessories that are handcrafted with care and diligence. Each bracelet combines aesthetics with expert craftsmanship that can take your lifestyle and wardrobe to the next level.

A Refreshing Philosophy of Aesthetics & Fashion

Looking good is great and all, but it's all about feeling good and portraying your unique character to the world. Stand out. Be yourself. Make some noise out there! Zenger gets you noticed - whether you're in a position of power or an artist with a deep connection to his or her spirituality. Our New York style bracelets, watches and other fashionable accessories offer you a way to embrace your own stride in life. Life is too short to be generic. You're too beautiful to fade into the background. We want you to stand out in your very own way! Which is exactly why we offer a vast array of selections to ensure that y our wardrobe correlates with your personality and lifestyle.

The Zenger team hopes that you will be the tasteful one among your peers, the one that stands out from the many, the one that's "Zenger." The Apple of the Big Apple's eye. The silent envy of the friend group, but the vocal covetousness of the city crowd.

Be different. Be you. Be Zenger. Shop Now

Size Guide
You can use a measuring tape to measure your wrist. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your ZENGER bracelet. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 0.50 inch. You can then add or subtract according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit. Below is a picture on how to measure your wrist. 
Size Chart
Size Inches Centimeters
XS 6.5"  in 16.51 cm
S 7" in 17.78 cm
M 7.5" in 19.05 cm
L 8" in 20.32 cm
XL 8.5" in 21.59 cm
XXL 9" in 22.86 cm