Here at Zenger, you’ll find a line of distinct jewelry with unique and intricate designs. Inspired by modern design and classic luxury, we’ve curated a collection that appeals to every personality type. New York is a city of dreams, interesting characters and inspiring stories - infused with our design aesthetics, we stand for something more than just a jewelry company, this is a lifestyle we live. Whether you’re going to work, on an adventure half way across the world or simply around the city for the weekend - there is a style for everyone. Whether you need to dress up or you’re going for something casual - our pieces can be as subtle as they are bold statements. 


Our mission is to bring you the finest pieces that are intricately designed for an honest and pair price. Looking to change the way you buy jewelry we launched Zenger to bring pieces straight to you by excluding the distributors, wholesalers and retail in the equation. Our boutique approach allows us to focus on first and foremost the craftsmanship and the quality of our products all at an affordable cost making sure that only the best leaves out doors.

Boutique Jewelry Online, Respected NY Street Fashions

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Zenger is now here to serve the world with a line of distinct jewelry and watches that possess a sense of effortless elegance, but also poised attitude. Accessories that say “Nice to meet you,” but also “you're welcome that you got to meet me.” There are a million online fashion boutiques that sell jewelry and watches. So what sets Zenger apart? We possess NYC conviction – an undeniable character that tells the story of the people in the city. We are more than a brand, rather a lifestyle that promotes power, style and a statement for everyone. Our pieces speak to a wide range of personas – from the business man on Wall Street, to the artist setting up shop, to the urban adventurers & even the subway kid busking on the sidewalk. Together, we are united and represent the energy of this city.


After years of experience in the design industry we wanted to create modern pieces using great materials that you would wear both to dress up for the office and on the weekends.


We use the best materials out there to product our Zenger collection. Our priority is quality and durability.

Honest price

By cutting out the middlemen  -  your traditional retail and boutique stores, we're able to offer you our pieces at less than half the cost of retail. We pare no expense in materials - only bring you the best but our foal is create high value.

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